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W A T E R  G L A S S E S

Home Decor


Water glass with rhinestones: noble & stylish

Water glasses refined with rhinestones - sparkling, stylish and so extraordinarily beautiful that you don't have to have them in the kitchen cupboard, but can also use them as a noble stylistic element in your interior.
The useful can be perfectly combined with aesthetics in a water glass with rhinestones .
Imagine how effective the glasses are in use: the enchanting rhinestones, the noble glass and the clear water break the light into a visually unique game.

Order our water glasses in the online shop now. Nobly decorated and packaged shatterproof, they will be delivered safely and quickly directly to your home.

Water glasses with rhinestone decoration: different variants

We know about the different tastes and demands of our customers and therefore not only offer one variant of the water glass with rhinestones, but three: from simple understatement to the starry sky on a clear night. You decide how many crystals your water glass is covered with rhinestones.

In our range you will find water glasses with rhinestone decoration (400 ml) in the following variants:

  • Border: Water glass with rhinestones or SS6 and SS10 crystals on the lower edge, which nestle against the edge of the glass as a playful decorative ring.

  • Diamond : elegantly decorated water glasses with diamond-shaped even rhinestones or SS6 and SS10 crystals, discreetly placed at the bottom and perfect for anyone who prefers a simple design.

  • Starry sky: Water glasses refined with SS6 and SS10 crystals that sparkle like stars in the firmament on the entire glass.

Are you looking for other special glasses or stylish products with rhinestones - you will definitely find what you are looking for at Alles Strass !

Water glasses refined with rhinestones: our quality guarantee

In order to refine our water glasses with a particularly hard-wearing rhinestone decoration, we rely on three components that work together to achieve the best result:

  • The processed rhinestones are made in Austria and are sourced from a well-known manufacturer.

  • We only use glass, glass products and crystal glasses that are processed to the highest quality.

  • We work with patented machines and a specially developed process to apply the rhinestones permanently and dishwasher-safe to our glasses.


For 20 years we have been dealing with the refinement of home decor, clothing and Co. Both the quality of our rhinestones and glasses and the process to unite both in an enchanting combination have been constantly perfected. Our range of products is growing at the same time: In addition to the water glass with rhinestones , you can also purchase champagne glasses with rhinestones or rhinestone shot glasses and many other types of vessels in our shop. You will also find sparkling clothing and home accessories. Whether for you and your own home or as a special design gift for others - with the products from Alles Strass you are guaranteed to put a sparkle in the eyes of the beholder.

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