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C H A M P A G N E   G L A S S E S



Champagne glasses with rhinestones: enjoy sparkling

Sparkling wine, champagne, semi-sparkling wine - these drinks require glasses in which they can develop their aromas in the best possible way and are also visually perfectly staged. That is why the sparkling drinks are usually enjoyed from elegantly shaped champagne glasses or flutes. If you're looking for special glasses, you've come to the right place: we at Alles Strass offer you champagne glasses with rhinestones and help your sparkling wine to make a great impression.

Champagne glasses finished with rhinestones

Close your eyes and imagine the following: You are being handed a glass of sparkling wine. It tingles golden in a champagne glass that is decorated with filigree mini crystals. You have the feeling that the sparkling wine's pearls are reflected in 1000 stars. - Now open your eyes again and welcome to our online shop! That's exactly what we offer you: champagne glasses with rhinestones that will leave a lasting impression on your guests and make every champagne experience an experience for all the senses!

Discover our champagne glasses (200 ml) with different decorations:

  • Border: The champagne glass is finished with approx. 370 high-quality rhinestones in sizes ss6 and ss10. Due to the special composition, they enchant the golden drink.

  • Starry sky: The finishing variant starry sky captivates with a special magic. One has the feeling that each individual rhinestone shimmers on its own. This variant also goes perfectly with champagne - the eye gets lost in the shine of the drink's pearls and the shimmer of the stones.

  • Rhombus: In the “rhombus” composition, the precious rhinestones are grouped in a rhombus shape in the lower area of the glass. This creates an orderly shimmer that enriches every champagne enjoyment.

  • Rhinestone decoration on the glass stem: These champagne glasses are a real treat for the eyes and hands. Here we have placed a total of approx. 370 luxury crystals on the stem of the glass, which not only makes the enjoyment of sparkling wine a pleasure for the eyes, but also a noble pleasure to the touch.

Champagne glasses decorated with rhinestones: our secret

To decorate our champagne glasses with rhinestones, we have developed a special process that we have perfected over time. We purchase the rhinestones we process from well-known manufacturers of crystal glass products. In this way we can always guarantee the highest quality standards . In order to apply the rhinestones safely and dishwasher -safe to the high-quality glasses, we work with patented machines and specially developed processes.

Upgrading everyday objects and clothes with rhinestones is our passion. In the almost 20 years that we have been active, we have been able to continue to refine the processes and thus let our product range grow . In addition to champagne glasses with rhinestones, you can also purchase fine whiskey glasses or wine glasses with rhinestones in our shop. Click through our sparkling range and discover how the brilliance of rhinestones can enrich your wardrobe and home accessories. By the way: The glasses from our range are also popular gifts for special occasions!

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